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Kyle's Pages
Guide to Telvar
The Restinford 

A Compendium of recent and classic adventures of a half dozen Telvar adventuring parties, with additional information on various locales, people, and parties. Completely redesigned for the new millenium!  The old site is still maintained at Kite.

Our esteemed dungeon master gives you his personal take on Telvar and provides a virtual walk-through of prime adventuring places therein.  (Currently off-line.)

The second Telvar adventuring party from Edwin's days at Cornell.  Contains the largest collection of game summaries apart from Kyle's pages above.  Check it out!  (Currently off-line.)

The illustrious and much esteemed publications of the Telvar scholar Gramaliustranstalus, written in the real world by David Chappell.  These books are occasionally available for sale.


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