The TELVAR Bestiary

The Telvar Bestiary

The Telvar Bestiary is a guide to "various strange and unusual creatures and beasts that inhabit the world but are nto encountered on a daily basis. Both real and legendary creatures are described."

The original focus of the Bestiary was the fantasy role-playing world, but over time the focus shifted to creatures from legends and myths in the real world. Thus, some beasts' descriptions may differ from what role-players expect yet reflect what folklorists know. An effort has been made to unify the depictions of legends and role-playing games, though the real stories are used when the two clearly disagree.

Major sections of the Bestiary are as follows:

Now in its second edition, The Telvar Bestiary exists in both the real world and the game world. With the exception of minor necessities (e.g., copyright, credits), the real and game-world copies are identical.

The Game-World Version

Within the fantasy world, the book is written by Gramaliustranstalus and is published by His Majesty King Plin of Koralgesh. One may purchase it directly through Koralgesh or through the kingdom's various embassies in the New World. The tome is now in its second edition.

The Real World Version

In the real world, David Chappell is the author. First and second-edition copies exist in printed form. The latest printing is dated July 2001. The book has over 160 pages and is bound. To order a copy, send e-mail to David.

Anyone desiring access to the computer files should request permission from Chappell. [All Telvar players are welcome to get copies.]

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