The TELVAR Gazetteer

The Telvar Gazetteer

The Telvar Gazetteer is the ultimate traveler's guide to the world of Telvar. Intended for merchants, adventurers, pilgrims, and other travelers, the Gazetteer "is an historical, geographical, economic, and sociological overview of the lands of Telvar. Entries on each country and famous adventuring stories, as well as biographical entries on important figures, will aid anyone traveling in Telvar. Notes on various subjects give insight on common elements of the world. In addition, there are several maps of the countries and major cities."

Major sections of the Gazetteer are as follows:

Now in its third edition, The Telvar Gazetteer exists in both the real world and the game world. With the exception of minor necessities (e.g., copyright, credits), the real and game-world copies are identical.

The Game-World Version

Within the fantasy world, the book is written by Gramaliustranstalus and is published by His Majesty King Plin of Koralgesh. One may purchase it directly through Koralgesh or through the kingdom's various embassies in the New World. The tome is now in its third edition.

The Real World Version

In the real world, David Chappell is the author. First, second, and third-edition copies exist in printed form. The latest printing, the fifth, is dated January 1997. Anyone desiring access to the computer files should request permission from Chappell. [All Telvar players are welcome to get copies.]

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